Our Publications

Acceptability Studies

To assess the challenges faced by mothers with administering medicines to infants, and to gauge the feasibility of using our device in various settings, we have conducted acceptability studies in Kenya and South Africa. See our papers below to learn more:

Community feedback on the JustMilk Nipple Shield Delivery System (NSDS) in the Vhembe District of Limpopo, South Africa. Flynn, A. D., Scheuerle, R. L., Galgon, G., Gerrard, S. E., & Neshandama, V. O. 2017. South African Journal of Child Health 2017;11(4):192-197.

An assessment of infant medication administration and storage practices in the rural household in selected communities in the Vhembe district of Limpopo Province, South Africa. Flynn, A. D., Scheuerle, R. L., Galgon, G., Gerrard, S. E., & Netshandama, V. O. 2017. Accepted, Health SA Gesondheid - Journal of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences 2018.

Acceptability of a nipple shield delivery system administering anti-viral agents to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV through breastfeeding. Hart, C.W., Israel-Ballard, K.A, Joanis, C.L., Baniecki, M.L., Thungu, F., Gerrard, S.E., Kneen, E., Sokal, D.C. 2015. Journal of Human Lactation 31(1), 68–75. doi:10.1177/0890334414559980

Lab Studies

Using novel breastfeeding simulation methods, we have conducted extensive laboratory studies of the concept of delivering agents to breastfeeding infants. To find out more about the pharmaceutical science and medical device research we have done, and to learn about the methods we have used and developed to characterize the feasibility of our concept, see our papers below:

Using the Slug Mucosal Irritation assay to investigate the tolerability of tablet excipients on human skin in the context of the use of a nipple shield delivery system. Kendall, R.A., Lenoir J., Gerrard, S.E., Scheuerle, R.L., Slater, N.K.H., Tuleu, C. 2017. Pharmaceutical Research. 34(4), 687-695.

Characterising the disintegration properties of tablets in opaque media using texture analysis. Scheuerle R.L., Gerrard S.E., Kendall R.A., Tuleu C., Slater N.K.H., Mahbubani K.T. 2015. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 486(1-2):136-43.

Mimicking the Impact of Infant Tongue Peristalsis on Behaviour of Solid Oral Dosage Forms Administered During Breastfeeding. Scheuerle, R.L., Kendall, R.A, Tuleu, C., Slater, N.K.H., Gerrard, S.E. 2017. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 106(1): 193-199.

Characterisation of Zinc Drug Delivery from a Nipple Shield Delivery System using a Breastfeeding Simulation Apparatus. Scheuerle, R.L., Gerrard, S.E., Kendall, R.A, Tuleu, C., Slater, N.K.H, Bruggraber, S. 2017. PLOS ONE, 12(2): e0171624.

Modeling the physiological factors that affect drug delivery from a nipple shield delivery system to breastfeeding infants. Gerrard S.E., Orlu-Gul, M., Tuleu, C., Slater, N.K.H. 2013. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 102(10):3773–3783.

Reducing infectivity of HIV upon exposure to surfaces coated with N,N-dodecyl, methyl-polyethylenimine. Gerrard S.E., Larson, A.L., Klibanov, A.M, Slater, N.K.H., Hanson, C.V., Abrams, B.F., Morris, M.K. 2013. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 110(7):2058-2062.

A nipple shield delivery system for oral drug delivery to breastfeeding infants: microbicide delivery to inactivate HIV. Gerrard S.E., Baniecki M.L., Sokal D., Morris M.K., Urdaneta-Hartmann S., Krebs F., Wigdahl B., Abrams B.F., Hanson C.V., Slater N.K.H., Edwards, A. 2012. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 434(1-2):224-234.