JustMilk is dedicated to furthering the technology and promoting infant health worldwide. This project was originally formed at the International Development Design Summit (IDDS) held by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2008. Since then, the members have formed collaborations with a number of academic and public health institutions, creating a truly interdisciplinary and international team. 

Partners and supporters

selected partnerships


JustMilk is currently collaborating with Partners HealthCare and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) on a preclinical acceptability study with breastfeeding mothers and healthcare workers in the Boston, US area. The principle investigator is Dr. Sara V. Bates, MD, Founding Director of the Infant Brain Center at MGH, and Rebecca Smith is the lead project manager. The study is taking place at the MGH-Revere HealthCare Center and is affiliated with the weekly Mother Infant Lactation Club group. Lactation consultant Susan Curley leads this group and is recruiting study participants. Dr. Diana Palmer, MD is the MGH-Revere study adviser and Rebecca Jane Weiss and Christopher Ricevuto provide study support.


The University of Cambridge Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology provided the foundation for technical work on the device. From prototype testing to tablet characterization, our researchers at Cambridge worked towards developing the most technically viable and user-informed product.


Located in Limpopo, South Africa, the University of Venda is JustMilk's leading partner in community engagement. Through this collaboration, JustMilk has received extensive feedback on the device from community members in northern Limpopo, resulting in a device designed with the end-user first in our minds.


The University College London School of Pharmacy has played an integral role in designing tablet inserts for the device. Through this expertise in pediatric pharmacy and formulations, JustMilk ensures that the tablets are developed to surpass all relevant requirements, including taste, solubility, and texture.

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